A Scientific Approach To Nutrition

Our Approach

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by what foods you should and should not be eating, when and how to eat them, you are not alone. With so much contradictory, confusing, and sometimes misleading nutrition information available it is difficult to know what is best for you.

Our nutrition forms part of our lifestyle and can either help support health and optimal performance or can contribute to poor health and inhibit optimal performance.

We can assist you optimise your nutrition to manage your health and wellbeing.
Nutrition may assist with:

  • Optimising general wellbeing
  • Improving bone health
  • Improving energy levels
  • Reducing symptoms associated with low immunity – frequent colds and flus
  • Reducing frequency and severity of headaches and migraines
  • Improved management conditions such as asthma, hay fever and skin conditions
  • Digestive disturbance – IBS, constipation, bloating, heartburn, reflux
  • Improved management of thyroid conditions
  • Adrenal concerns
  • Reducing pain
  • Women’s health – PMS, period pain, PCOS, irregular periods, menopause
  • Weight loss or gain to achieve your goal body composition
  • Optimising sports nutrition

Nutritional consultations include a thorough health review with a pre consultation health questionnaire, diet analysis, in clinic tests such as body composition and bone density screening and targeted nutritional and functional pathology testing to determine what eating pattern will best suit an individual’s nutritional and metabolic requirements.

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