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Bye Bye Brittle Bones!

Osteoporosis Exercise Program

Build Stronger Bones with Our Tailored Osteoporosis Exercise Program

Join our osteoporosis exercise program today and start building stronger bones – one workout at a time!

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes a decrease in bone density, leaving the bones more fragile and easily fractured from even the most minor of impacts. Osteoporosis affects 1 in 10 people aged over 50 years. Women are also substantially more at risk, affecting 1 in 5 women while having double the hospitalisation rate following minor falls.

A Hidden Hero

One of the most underutilized methods of treating and improving osteoporosis is various forms of specific exercise. Similar to muscle, bone is a type of tissue that can be repaired and regrown under the right training stimulus, pharmacological intervention, and nutritional guidance.


At the Fitness Clinic, we have developed an evidence based 12-week Osteoporosis Program that covers all aspects of nutrition and exercise prescription to help improve bone mineral density. This involves 6 key components integrated into our group exercise physiology classes:

Compound Movements

Multi-joint, full body exercises with an emphasis of safely loading the spine to assist with building bone resilience.

Progressive Resistance Training

Progressive weight training tailored to the individual to assist in building muscle. The stronger the muscle, the stronger the pull on its bone attachment and in turn the stronger the bone has to be to cope with the muscle force of pull.

Vibration Therapy

Our specialised vibration machines create micro-pulses throughout the body. These micro- pulses act as light, recurring microtrauma inside.

Low to Medium Impact Exercises

Controlled and technical based impact exercises, such as heels drops, have been shown to be extremely effective at increasing bone mineral density.

Nutrition and Supplement Program

Our nutritionist will work with your GP to provide a comprehensive nutritional and supplement program to give your body the building blocks it needs to rebuild your bones.

Balance Training

To improve overall steadiness and reduce the risk of falls.

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